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President: Jim Burns    
Vice President: Robert Smith    
Men’s Captain: Russell Michael    
Ladies Captain: Penny Miller    
Greens Director: Ian Lee    
General Manager: Jason Looker    
Men’s Vice Captain: Mike Setchell    
Men's Match Committee: Kevin Clues    
  Bob Wilson    
  Blue Loxton    
  Ian Broom    
Ladies Vice Captain: Lee Boyle    
Ladies Match Committee: Pam Wilford    
  Barbara Zorgdrager    
  Jacqui Crawford    
Ladies Social Committee: Pam Howe (Chairlady)    
  Heather Busch    
  Ros Saunders    
  Kathy Byrne    
  Fay Payne    
Caloundra Veterans      
Veterans President: John Fengler    
Veterans Vice President: Paul Balkin    
Veterans Captain: Phill Edkins    
Veterans Vice Captain: Vacant    
Veterans Secretary: Andrew Moran    
Veterans Treasurer: Les Heywood    
Veterans Committee: John Massie    
  Matt McKiernan    
  Richard McKenzie  
  Alan Orchard    

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