Caloundra Golf Club offers seven day memberships only.  Applications can be submitted to our Office between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  A Nomination form can be downloaded here (see below).

When joining as a full member, Caloundra Golf Club offers a discounted nomination fee if another member of your direct family (mother/father/sister/brother/children/partner) joins at the same time.  The second nomination fee is then only $5.00.  The nomination fee of $990.00 can also be broken down into 2 repayments of $495.00 over the first 2 years of your membership.

At Caloundra we also offer both Intermediate and Junior memberships and encourage all aspiring young golfers to enquire at our clubhouse.

Please find below our current membership Fees for 2016/17

Full Membership (Men & Ladies)      

            Nomination Fee                        $  990.00

            Subscriptions Annually              $  970.00

            Affiliation Fee                            $   69.00

            Insurance                                 $  12.00


Intermediate (18 – 21 years old)         

Nomination Fee                                               $     5.00

Subscriptions Annually:

18 Years                                                          $ 200.00

19 Years                                                          $ 300.00

20 years                                                          $ 400.00

21 years                                                          $ 500.00

Affiliation Fee                                                   $   69.00

Insurance                                                        $   12.00


Juniors (up to 18 years)                       

Nomination Fee                                              $     5.00

Subscriptions Annually                                   $  100.00

Affiliation Fee                                                 $    69.00

Insurance                                                       $    12.00

Please Note:  Our Memberships run from 01st  July – 30th June.  New memberships are worked out on a pro-rata basis depending on the month joining.  A $11.00 competition fee applies to all members playing within Club competitions.  Green Fees are not applicable to Members playing socially.  Please click on link to download membership form. New Membership Form