Caloundra Golf Club offers seven day memberships only.  Applications can be submitted to our Office between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  A Nomination form can be downloaded here (see below).

When joining as a full member, Caloundra Golf Club offers a discounted nomination fee if another member of your direct family (mother/father/sister/brother/children/partner) joins at the same time.  The second nomination fee is then only $5.00.

At Caloundra we also offer both Intermediate and Junior memberships and encourage all aspiring young golfers to enquire at our clubhouse.

Please find below our current membership Fees for 2018/19:


Full Membership (Men & Ladies) – Monthly Payment Plans Available
Nominations $990
Subscriptions $1,070
Affiliation Fees $76
Insurance $12
Intermediate (18 – 21 years old)
Nominations $5
Subscriptions 18 Years $ 200.00

19 Years $ 300.00

20 years $ 400.00

21 years  $ 500.00

Affiliation Fees $76
Insurance $12
Juniors (up to 18 years)
Nominations $5
Subscriptions $100
Affiliation Fees $76
Insurance $12


Please Note:

  • Our Memberships run from 01st  July – 30th June.
  • New memberships are worked out on a pro-rata basis depending on the month joining.
  • A $12.00 competition fee applies to all members playing within Club competitions.
  • Green Fees are not applicable to Members playing socially.

Caloundra Golf Club – Membership Application Form 2019